Trypsin 48mg+ Bromelain 90mg+ Rutoside Trihydrate 100mg



Bromelain is a crude extract from the pineapple that contains among other components various closely related proteinases, demonstrating, in vitro and in vivo, anti edematous, anti inflammatory, anti thrombotic and fibrinolytic activities.
Bromelain is used an anti inflammatory and analgesic  agent in treating the symptoms of arthritis. The analgesic and anti inflammatory effects are reportedly due to inhibition of  the arachidonic  acid pathway of inflammation by selectively decreasing thromboxane generation changing the ratio of thromboxane/prostacyclin ( in favor of prostacyclin) and inhibiting. PGE2 in addition to the direct effects on the nocicetors. 
Rutoside is a natural flavone derivative. It has anti allergy and immunomodulating activity. Rutoside inhibits platelet aggregation as well as decreasing capillary permeability ,making the blood thinner and improving circulation. Rutin also strengthens and capillaries. It helps to prevent venous edema of the legs. Rutoside is useful in the management of venous edema and capillary fragility rutoside is powerful anti oxidents and effectively combat the harmful free redicals such as nitric oxide released during the inflammatory process.Rutoside also suppresses the major inflammatory and proarthritic mediators of macrophages.


Mechanism of Action

Produce substances which fight against pain and swelling.


Side -Effects

No Side effects reported.


Infections, inflammation associated with injuries and surgery wounds, tooth extraction, cellulitis, sport injuries and sprains.

• For the management of edema associated with dental procedures and inflammation.
• For reduction of edema associated with surgical wounds and sinusitis.
• Used to treat ulcerative colitis, hay fever, pulmonary edema and shortening of labor
• Stimulate muscle contraction
• For prevention of cancer
• Reduce the incidence of hermorrhage associated with diverse etiology.


Not reported.


2 times a day.